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You just never know where you may be planting seeds…

I have a Christmas Cactus plant that had been in my office for several years. It loved the sun shining in the floor to ceiling windows.

The plant seemed to be growing more on one side of the pot than the other so I thought I’d see if I could start another plant on the other side of the pot. I cut a small piece off the end and stuck it in the dirt to see if it would take root.

A few days later, I noticed a new sprout coming up out of the dirt, near where I had put the piece in the dirt but it sure didn’t look like the cactus. I looked closer and really couldn’t figure out what it was.

I asked someone to come and look to see if they could tell. We got the magnifying glass with light to really look close. He says to me ‘it looks like there’s a seed on the top’ which I had thought was just dirt. ‘It looks like a watermelon seed!’

After a moment of confusion over how would a watermelon seed get in with my Christmas Cactus it dawns on me. Several months before, after eating my watermelon pieces, I had a bit of juice that I poured into my plant. And in that juice there was a seed.

The week before when I stuck the scissors into the dirt to get a little hole for the piece I had cut, it must’ve moved the watermelon seed in the dirt just enough to get it growing to this little sprout. Wow, it had been several months since the seed landed in the dirt.

As the saga continued, the watermelon grew for a while, flowered even but alas, didn’t get enough fun in the sun. For awhile it really was an interesting pair with the watermelon and the Christmas Cactus. I wish I still had some pictures… But the watermelon plant didn’t survive, but the cactus still thrives in my kitchen. There’s one of it’s flowers below.

The reason I bring this up is:

  • What seeds are we planting?
  • Did we plant them on purpose or were they accidental?
  • How long might they take to sprout?
  • How do we continue to help them to sprout and grow?

Your words are seeds. Use the positive affirmations to sprout and grow what you would like in your life.

Someone told me they weren’t able to start the 21 Day Challenge so they missed it. I said start today or tomorrow, but start! Start bringing positive affirmations into your life today and planting the seeds of tomorrow.

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA  I am excited about every new day. Thank you.

christmas cactus

Blooms in time for Thanksgiving