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Howdy Peeps,

I just did a Google search for ‘positive affirmations’ and received about 2,650,000 results. That’s a lot of results. A lot of people have a things to say about positive affirmations. Even my Dad.

I notice 3:12 on the clock. Thank you Dad, hello to you too (3.12 is Dad’s birthday, he passed in 1984). What inspiration can you give me on ‘positive affirmations’? Then I notice the battery time on my laptop right now is 3:12 (that updates every couple of minutes). OK – Dad – what do you have to tell me, us? We’re listening!

What I remember about him, having to do with being positive is more what he did rather than what I remember him saying. He ‘acted as if’.

I decided to close my eyes, tune in to Dad and see what he has to say.

I always wanted you to do your best, and that still continues. The best way I knew how to show you when you were growing up is for me to continue to go after my dreams – never give up.

I started the body shop in the garage which led to my own business. After several years in I pursued another dream, owning a restaurant. Changing it into another restaurant wasn’t all because it wasn’t doing well, it was about still pursuing my dream, focusing on the positive – what is my dream.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I didn’t give up. I looked for the positive things – how the surgery would remove the tumor so I could live longer, what the chemo would do so it wouldn’t come back. I looked for the positive in things and kept my attitude positive.

Remember when you would come into the hospital, I would put on a smile so you would know things would be all right though I knew I wouldn’t be with you much longer. I kept the positive outlook.

Thanks Dad! You did teach me a lot about positive affirmations in the form of ‘doing’. What we do speaks volumes and our kids do notice.

There’s a quote I like: “What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Thank you Dad! Angel Blessings to you.


PS Less than a week left on the 21 Day Challenge!!
PSA Today is a new day and all is well!

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Happy Tuesday Peeps!!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, on the blog, Facebook, cards, e-cards, in person. I had a fantabulous day – friends and food and birthday wishes everywhere!! It was awesome!

How is the 21 Day Challenge going? I have gotten a bit of feedback – affirmations that some of you are using. AWESOME!!!

Here is my affirmation for all of you: Everyone is seeing positive results and having wonderful days through their use of positive affirmations! 🙂

Affirmations and Control – they seem an unlikely pair. But who has control over your thoughts, your affirmations?

That’s right – you do!

You may say or think things like – “they said… and it made me feel…” (I know I have).

Well, let’s take back control over our thoughts and affirmations. Right now! Today!

So as we talked about in the 21 Day Challenge – stop, reframe it in a positive way before you head into a downward spiral of negativity.

I read something over the weekend which may help put it into perspective. 90 seconds is all it takes. 90 seconds for what? This is what Jill Bolte-Taylor says: “Within 90 seconds from the initial trigger, the chemical component of my anger has completely dissipated from my blood and my automatic response is over.”

Jill Bolte-Taylor is a brain scientist who had a blood vessel explode in her brain in 1996 and authored the book, My Stroke of Insight to talk about it.

So, if someone throughout your day ‘makes’ you angry, or upset, turn it around with something positive. Or you can turn the control over to them and continue to think about how angry you are, tell other people how angry you are and relive the anger over and over and over – way past the 90 seconds it took for the anger to actually dissipate from your blood.

My vote is, I’m going to turn this into something positive. I’m taking back control.

What may have happened: Someone took your idea and ran with it.
Affirmation: Many great ideas come to me every day. Thank you.

What may have happened: Someone’s child is screaming in the store.
Affirmation: My hearing is wonderful and I easily hear that child. I am grateful.

You’re thinking about: How angry you are about the person who pulled in front of you on the highway.
Affirmation: Thank you for me ‘catching’ this negative thought. I think positive thoughts now – I surround myself with wonderful and caring drivers.

These may sound way too simple to do, but again I challenge you to look at what you are thinking and saying. Are they all positive? If not, do the challenge.

Here’s a re-cap of the challenge:

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s an example:

I hate the drive I have to get to work. (negative)

>> Stop <<

I enjoy my leisurely drive to and from the office. The drivers who surround me are courteous and thoughtful. (positive).

Affirmations are the foundation of how we live each day! Do you tell your child or spouse – go have a crappy day at school or the office? I wouldn’t think so… You probably say something like: Go have yourself a stupendous and amazing day!!! I know I will! 🙂

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA The Universe loves me and all is well!

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Happy Friday Everyone (well, almost Friday)!!

Since Friday is my birthday, (yes, my special day!!), I’m hoping for a present from you. It’s not what you may think. I’m actually looking for Birthday Presence.

Birthday Presence – what is that, you ask? Right now, this very moment, be present with where you are, who you are, what you are thinking and the expression on your face! And, breathe!

This is my moment, right now, as I’m typing this:

  • I’m in my kitchen at the table
  • I am a loving, spiritual, compassionate and gifted healer
  • I am thinking…
    • …how grateful I am to be here right now, in this moment
    • …one spark of inspiration from me to you and you to the next person (and watch the ripple~) is an awesome and wonderful gift
  • And I have a big genuine smile on my 🙂 face 🙂
  • Breathe in, breathe out – ahhhhhhh

Another cool birthday present is for you to pass it on. Pass on your smile, tell someone an affirmation, tell another about the 21 day challenge. Forward them the blog so they can follow along as well. Share it on Facebook or ReTweet on Twitter. Pass it on.

Think how much more fun your day could be when everyone is having a positive day!!!

Angel Blessings to you.


PSA (Post Script Affirmation)  I am having a stupendous day. The Universe takes care of me.

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Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you are doing well with your affirmations and the 21 day challenge.

A friend shared her experience a day or so after reading the 21 day challenge article.

She was in a ‘line’ for Customer Service. She had waited for nearly 20 minutes with no one in line in front of her. She kept repeating ‘be positive, be positive’. After asking the clerk if she was in the correct line, which she was, he helped her, without commenting on her waiting so long.

She did not get upset about the situation though it could have clearly upset some. This was the third thing she had noticed where she would normally have gotten upset about – and didn’t.

If you focus on the positive, things may go smoother.

I was in the DOT this morning, renewing my license as well as updating my car title. The first window I smiled, said Good Morning and asked how she was doing. She smiled back with a genuine smile and reciprocated. She gave me a number and explained which area I needed to go.

I went to the Photo area. Once my number was called, I greeted the person taking the picture with a big smile and a Good Morning. And he reciprocated.

He took my picture, which of course has a great smile on it, and asked me to wait in the lobby until my number was called.

I went to my next window. I smiled and said Good Morning. He didn’t really look at me, was doing his thing, and only paying attention to what he was doing, not me and my smile.

OK, I’ll try another approach… I asked who to make the check out to and verified the amount was for both things. He said yes and told me my title would be up in a minute.

‘Oh Wow, I was thinking I’d have to wait several weeks’. He says, without much enthusiasm ‘no, that’s one of the benefits of coming in here to get it taken care of’.

And my response, with a smile and enthusiasm is ‘and of course to see your smiling face too’. And he was hooked – there was the smile I was waiting for. And it was genuine. And he was still smiling when I walked away, back to the Photo area to get my license.

Maybe I didn’t walk in the door, ‘saying’ an affirmation, but my smile, my enthusiasm and my Good Morning WAS my affirmation.

So how long total, do you think I was in there? I wish I would have timed it, but it was no more than 15 minutes.

One more story, with another example. This is what someone sent me this morning:

A big positive: I am really tired of being in pain and having no life … and get on with what I need to do to take care of myself.

I have heard these words, almost exactly from more than one person. If we break it down, about the only thing that is positive is the word positive. Let’s turn it around so if you are looking at a similar situation, you can have some positive words to use.

A big positive: I am able to take care of myself. I am excited about life and have the energy I need to enjoy it. My body feels healthy.

What a difference a word makes. As I said, this was the second or third person I’ve heard almost these same words from.

Have you heard: today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s actions. Today’s actions become tomorrow’s habits.

I vote we have positive thoughts for today.

Something you may want to do, ask a friend to be your ‘Affirmation Buddy’. What is this? Ask a friend to help ‘catch you’ when your words may need some positive words inserted.

We all know it’s much easier to see where the other person could use our assistance 🙂 than seeing where we need it.

So let me know how you’re doing!! I like to share stories or at least some details.

Angel Blessings to you.


PS Forward to your friends, share the blog link on FaceBook or ReTweet on Twitter!! Follow this blog so you won’t miss a single word.

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How are you doing on the 21 day challenge?

Well, for me, yesterday was a CHALLENGE all the way around!! I was frustrated with what I was working on and hit a wall. I hadn’t felt that wall for quite a while.

I was using affirmations all right, not positive ones though (I’m frustrated, I don’t know how to do this). So I decided to walk away from my computer.

On the way to an appointment, I chose to be thankful for the wonderful drivers around me. I smiled up at the sun peaking through the clouds.

Then I repeated a POSITIVE affirmation several times:  The information I need for my website will be provided to me when I need it.

I arrived at my appointment and was handed a piece of paper for the class – the class I need for my website. 24 hours later, I have the walls I ran into yesterday, all taken care of.

Remember the challenge!!

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s my example from yesterday:

I am frustrated, I don’t know how to do this. (negative).

>> Stop <<

The information I need for my website will be provided to me when I need it. (positive).

Let me know how you’re doing!!

Angel Blessings to you.


PS  Forward to your friends, share it on FaceBook or ReTweet on Twitter!!

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I’ve been reading an awesome book called ‘You Can Create an exceptional Life’ by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Louise Hay, she’s the Queen of positive affirmations, an author of many books and the founder of Hay House Publishing and Hay House Radio. I’ve been reading her books and following her for about 12 years.

Cheryl Richardson is also an author of several books with Hay House and a well known coach and speaker.

I look at myself as a positive person, the glass is half-full, looking for the brighter side of things, etc but in reading this book, I realize there is so much more I can be doing to shine the light on the positive things in and affirming what’s great in my life.

Look at these 2 scenarios and which one do you relate to:

Scenario 1: The alarm goes off, hit the snooze. The alarm goes off a second time, hit the snooze – 5 more minutes.  The alarm goes off and you get out of bed. Your mind jumps to your schedule ahead. Oh bummer, I have 5 meetings before lunch. And then I have to eat lunch at my desk today because I don’t have time. Oh, and then my afternoon, I have a report that has to get done in between 4 meetings. Ugh!!!

Scenario 2: The alarm goes off. You stretch and smile and say ‘thank you bed, I had a wonderful nights sleep’. And you think of your day and say ‘I have a wonderful day ahead. The meetings I have will all go smoothly. I have plenty of time to eat a nutritious lunch.’

Think of how each scenario affects you as well as those around you, your spouse, your kids and the people you work with.

Look at how each scenario might continue to play out on the way to work.

Scenario 1: You get in your car and off you drive to work, racing to beat the yellow light, slamming on the brakes at the car in front of you as they stop. Blaring your horn at someone for moving in front of you. Reading the hand gestures of the car behind you and you yelling back some R rated words.

Scenario 2: You get in your car and thank your car for the gentle and comfortable ride you’ll have on the way to work. And you say out loud ‘thank you drivers, for being kind on my drive to work. I am surrounded by good drivers. I’m having a stupendous day.’

Each of the scenarios has affirmations in it. Yes, the negative sayings and gestures are affirmations also. Which way would you rather start your day? Because chances are, how you start your day, may be how your whole day goes.

Think how much happier you might be if you focused on the positive, and said positive affirmations instead of reinforcing the negative and what you don’t want (I’m pretty sure you don’t want a bummer of a day – just guessing). Think of the influence it could have on your family or those you work with.

I challenge you, for 21 days to look for ways you can bring positive affirmations into your life. Pick one thing if it seems overwhelming and work on that one thing. Focus on the positive affirmations and what you are thankful for.

  • Here are some examples to get you started:
  • I have a wonderful life and I love it.
  • I am surrounded by people I care about.
  • My relationships are happy and healthy.
  • I work with competent, caring people.
  • Everything is perfect.
  • I am surrounded by good drivers.
  • I am on time.
  • Meetings are constructive and lots of work gets accomplished.
  • All is well.

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s an example:

I never have enough time (negative).

>> Stop <<

I have enough time to do what needs to be done (positive).

Let me know how the 21 day challenge is going for you. I know you will do great and would like to hear about it. My plan is to bring more positive affirmations into each day.

I love my beautiful life! I eat healthy and nutritious meals which support my body. All is well!!!

Angel Blessings to you.


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Over the last 8 months or so, I have become a full-blown Apple user, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and love them all.

Before I got my MacBook Pro, I had heard of Steve Jobs but didn’t really follow him.  But with more Apple products, I paid a bit more attention.  I knew he had been on several leaves from Apple, assuming illness but again, never really paid too close attention.

Last night I went to check something on the computer and when I open up Safari, I have www.apple.com as the home page.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 and his picture greeted me.  It sent a wave of emotion through me. I even said out loud “he died?”.

I read what they wrote, a few sentences, and could still feel the emotion.

This morning I re-watched his speech at Stanford 2005. I know this doesn’t tell his entire life story, but I believe it tells what kind of man he was and how he lived his life.  What an inspiration:

  • Trust – trust that when you follow your heart, the dots you are creating today will connect. Trust. Follow your heart.
  • Love what you do. Don’t lose faith, even when you are let go from your company. Love what you do.  Don’t settle.
  • Live each day as if it’s your last. “Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. …follow your heart and intuition”.

I cried while watching the video understanding some of my emotions. I decided to do a meditation to see if I could understand a bit more.

The information I received was two-fold.  One I realized my dad followed his heart and lived each day to the fullest.  He was younger than Steve Jobs when he passed but there was definitely a connection my heart was picking up on.

The second thing was this message:

– Feel the sadness for a moment, but don’t dwell on it. Be inspired by how he lived his life, following his dreams and intuition.  He gave of himself and he gave to the world.-

May the Angels be with you Steve Jobs and watch over your family.

Angel Blessings to you.


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