How are you doing on the 21 day challenge?

Well, for me, yesterday was a CHALLENGE all the way around!! I was frustrated with what I was working on and hit a wall. I hadn’t felt that wall for quite a while.

I was using affirmations all right, not positive ones though (I’m frustrated, I don’t know how to do this). So I decided to walk away from my computer.

On the way to an appointment, I chose to be thankful for the wonderful drivers around me. I smiled up at the sun peaking through the clouds.

Then I repeated a POSITIVE affirmation several times:  The information I need for my website will be provided to me when I need it.

I arrived at my appointment and was handed a piece of paper for the class – the class I need for my website. 24 hours later, I have the walls I ran into yesterday, all taken care of.

Remember the challenge!!

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s my example from yesterday:

I am frustrated, I don’t know how to do this. (negative).

>> Stop <<

The information I need for my website will be provided to me when I need it. (positive).

Let me know how you’re doing!!

Angel Blessings to you.


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I’ve been reading an awesome book called ‘You Can Create an exceptional Life’ by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Louise Hay, she’s the Queen of positive affirmations, an author of many books and the founder of Hay House Publishing and Hay House Radio. I’ve been reading her books and following her for about 12 years.

Cheryl Richardson is also an author of several books with Hay House and a well known coach and speaker.

I look at myself as a positive person, the glass is half-full, looking for the brighter side of things, etc but in reading this book, I realize there is so much more I can be doing to shine the light on the positive things in and affirming what’s great in my life.

Look at these 2 scenarios and which one do you relate to:

Scenario 1: The alarm goes off, hit the snooze. The alarm goes off a second time, hit the snooze – 5 more minutes.  The alarm goes off and you get out of bed. Your mind jumps to your schedule ahead. Oh bummer, I have 5 meetings before lunch. And then I have to eat lunch at my desk today because I don’t have time. Oh, and then my afternoon, I have a report that has to get done in between 4 meetings. Ugh!!!

Scenario 2: The alarm goes off. You stretch and smile and say ‘thank you bed, I had a wonderful nights sleep’. And you think of your day and say ‘I have a wonderful day ahead. The meetings I have will all go smoothly. I have plenty of time to eat a nutritious lunch.’

Think of how each scenario affects you as well as those around you, your spouse, your kids and the people you work with.

Look at how each scenario might continue to play out on the way to work.

Scenario 1: You get in your car and off you drive to work, racing to beat the yellow light, slamming on the brakes at the car in front of you as they stop. Blaring your horn at someone for moving in front of you. Reading the hand gestures of the car behind you and you yelling back some R rated words.

Scenario 2: You get in your car and thank your car for the gentle and comfortable ride you’ll have on the way to work. And you say out loud ‘thank you drivers, for being kind on my drive to work. I am surrounded by good drivers. I’m having a stupendous day.’

Each of the scenarios has affirmations in it. Yes, the negative sayings and gestures are affirmations also. Which way would you rather start your day? Because chances are, how you start your day, may be how your whole day goes.

Think how much happier you might be if you focused on the positive, and said positive affirmations instead of reinforcing the negative and what you don’t want (I’m pretty sure you don’t want a bummer of a day – just guessing). Think of the influence it could have on your family or those you work with.

I challenge you, for 21 days to look for ways you can bring positive affirmations into your life. Pick one thing if it seems overwhelming and work on that one thing. Focus on the positive affirmations and what you are thankful for.

  • Here are some examples to get you started:
  • I have a wonderful life and I love it.
  • I am surrounded by people I care about.
  • My relationships are happy and healthy.
  • I work with competent, caring people.
  • Everything is perfect.
  • I am surrounded by good drivers.
  • I am on time.
  • Meetings are constructive and lots of work gets accomplished.
  • All is well.

When you find yourself saying (or thinking) a negative affirmation, stop, turn it around. Say a positive affirmation right then and repeat it a couple of times.

Here’s an example:

I never have enough time (negative).

>> Stop <<

I have enough time to do what needs to be done (positive).

Let me know how the 21 day challenge is going for you. I know you will do great and would like to hear about it. My plan is to bring more positive affirmations into each day.

I love my beautiful life! I eat healthy and nutritious meals which support my body. All is well!!!

Angel Blessings to you.


Over the last 8 months or so, I have become a full-blown Apple user, Mac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, and love them all.

Before I got my MacBook Pro, I had heard of Steve Jobs but didn’t really follow him.  But with more Apple products, I paid a bit more attention.  I knew he had been on several leaves from Apple, assuming illness but again, never really paid too close attention.

Last night I went to check something on the computer and when I open up Safari, I have www.apple.com as the home page.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011 and his picture greeted me.  It sent a wave of emotion through me. I even said out loud “he died?”.

I read what they wrote, a few sentences, and could still feel the emotion.

This morning I re-watched his speech at Stanford 2005. I know this doesn’t tell his entire life story, but I believe it tells what kind of man he was and how he lived his life.  What an inspiration:

  • Trust – trust that when you follow your heart, the dots you are creating today will connect. Trust. Follow your heart.
  • Love what you do. Don’t lose faith, even when you are let go from your company. Love what you do.  Don’t settle.
  • Live each day as if it’s your last. “Don’t waste it living someone else’s life. …follow your heart and intuition”.

I cried while watching the video understanding some of my emotions. I decided to do a meditation to see if I could understand a bit more.

The information I received was two-fold.  One I realized my dad followed his heart and lived each day to the fullest.  He was younger than Steve Jobs when he passed but there was definitely a connection my heart was picking up on.

The second thing was this message:

– Feel the sadness for a moment, but don’t dwell on it. Be inspired by how he lived his life, following his dreams and intuition.  He gave of himself and he gave to the world.-

May the Angels be with you Steve Jobs and watch over your family.

Angel Blessings to you.


This morning, sitting in the living room having coffee, checking emails I see a blue jay land on my deck.  He hops from the railing, to the table to the back of one of the chairs.  You can bet I’m up as fast as I can be, grabbing my iPhone, getting it to the camera, working the zoom all without scaring him away.  I get one good picture before he was on the roof.  I even heard him land.  He was much bigger than I realized blue jays were.

Well, here comes another landing on the other chair.  And this time I have the zoom all the way zoomed so he looks even closer.  Wow, 2 blue jays right together like that.  I don’t remember seeing blue jays in my backyard before.

I get really close to the window to see if I can see where they went.  The second one is still sitting on the other side of the deck, not a place where I can take a picture, but close enough that I can say again, wow, he’s big!  And away he goes.

Well of course I have to get my Animal-Speak book, by Ted Andrews.  I always like to see what the animals who cross my paths may mean for me.

Here’s how he starts out -The Proper Use of Power.  Hmmm, do I use my power properly?  Do I misuse my power?  Do I stand in my power?  Do I not stand in my power?  Do I overuse my power?  Do others misuse their power over me?  Many questions to ponder.

It goes on to talk about a blue jay can be a bully and a robber.  I do remember a blue jay being quite the bully and beating up on the neighbor when I was a kid.  Mr Kubina had reached into the basement window well to help a young blue jay out.  He had fallen in and the window well was about 18” deep.  A baby blue jay, not knowing how to fly yet wasn’t going to have much luck on his own to get out.  So Mr Kubina helped him.

Well, the mother thanked him by landing on his head and pecking it.  It was probably a good thing he had a hat on to offer some protection to his bald head.

It was kind of a funny sight though to see a blue jay land on his head and peck away…  I was kid, what do you expect.

Reading on about what Ted Andrews has to say about the blue jay, he says “It has the ability to link the heavens and earth, to access each for greater power.”  He also goes on to say that the blue, the same color as the sky, separates the white (Heavens) and the black (earth).  It’s like the bridge between the two worlds.

He also goes on to say “the blue jay is a reminder to follow through on all things…”.

So for me, today, the 2 blue jays are a reminder, a sign of where I’m going.  Looking at the bridge between the two worlds, signifying the transition I’m going through, moving from the corporate world to the private sector.  It also has to do with bridging between the physical and the spiritual world.  This is also where I am, bringing the two together.

And of course the follow through.  Start, focus, follow through.  My follow through for today is continue watching for the signs in my life.  Continue with my transition, one step at a time.  Every day is a new, exciting day.

Watch for the signs, the animals who appear in your life.  What are they saying to you?

Angel Blessings to you.


Along your path

Hello Everyone,

What signs do you see along your path, along your day to day journey of life?  What do you notice and what goes on unnoticed as you go about your day.

Take walking into the store for your morning cup of coffee as an example.  Do you notice who’s around you?  Do you see if the person just behind you looks happy or sad?  Do you notice if the sales clerk is friendly or not so friendly?

How many people do you think notice you?  Would they know if you didn’t come into the store tomorrow, or the next day or the next?  Would you notice if they didn’t return?

Start to notice.  Look at the person in front of you or behind you and smile.  Maybe that’s what they needed.  Look at the sales clerk and say ‘Good Morning, how are you?’ and smile. You may get a smile back.

Did you notice whether the sun was shining today?  Or was it raining?  Did you notice the school bus on the way to work?

Right now, look around.  What’s in front of you and around you, who’s in front of you or around you?

Tomorrow start your day noticing who’s in the store when you get your coffee.  See what happens if you say good morning to the people in line with you.

As you’re walking in the parking garage or the hallway at work, notice the people coming the other direction and smile or nod a ‘hello’.

Here’s what I saw along my path today.

I saw the rain coming down hard enough the kids across the street were using their umbrellas this morning to stay dry.  I saw the trees blowing back and forth from the wind though now it’s more of a gentle breeze.  And I saw the sun shining through the clouds every once in a while just to show us it’s still here.

I saw the bright smiling faces of several friends today – you know who you are!!

Yesterday I saw the most beautiful rainbow on my hallway wall.  Upon investigating just where it was coming from found it was coming from the living room, reflecting in the mirror in the hallway and then displaying beautifully on the wall.

I notice Angels along the way and I see them around me now.  They join me as I walk along my path.

Start to notice who and what is along your path.

Angel Blessings to you.


Hello everyone,

I’m very excited about this being my first blog.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading and hearing what’s going on in my world.

I was going to start with telling you about myself, but it felt right to let that unfold as the blogs continue.

I love the picture of this blog.

To me it has a soft, sereneness about it.  The light fog feels very protecting with the wind slightly blowing.  It looks like Weeping Willow trees, which I’ve recently written a wonderful guided meditation about.

The water is like a mirror showing you what’s above with no indication of what’s below.  We as people are like that in many ways.  We show others what we want them to see giving them no indication as to what’s really below the surface.  Sometimes we don’t even know.

Off in the distance you see the bridge, silently calling you to cross to the other side.  The ‘other side’ has different meanings.

For some it may mean getting from this side of the water to the other. It keeps you dry and it’s easy, and sometimes the only way to get from one side of the river to the others.

For some it may be the last leg of the road home, home being another dimension.

I’ve recently ‘been awakened’, in more than one way. Awakened to the fact that I can leave the corporate world of over 30 years to pursue something I’m passionate about. Awakened to knowing I have the faith and trust to live the life I want. Awakened to a new energy, new in this lifetime but used many lifetimes before. And awakened more each day to the wonderful spiritual world around me.

This picture tells me I am on my path.  I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I need to be doing, for me and for others.  I see the signs from the spirit world every day, many times in a day. And this picture is just that, a sign.

I’ll share some signs I see as the blogs continue and hopefully you’ll share the signs you see in the comments.

Angel Blessings to you.